Messiah Studios is Western Sydney's first all-in-one production house and recording studio, specialising in an array of musical and creative services.

Conceived in response to great demand from local artists for a versatile, professionally equipped workspace, Messiah Studios has become a permanent fixture on the musician's map of Sydney.

We offer several purpose-built rehearsal rooms, catering to groups of any size, from soloist to choir ensemble.

All of our rooms are modern, spacious, and meticulously sound treated, and come fully equipped with professional quality PA and audio gear.

Also available are suites tailored to conducting writing sessions and press events.

Our studio houses three live recording rooms, a fully equipped mixing room and a secure equipment storage room.

They are available for short or long-term hire, along with experienced engineers that will ensure you're getting the most out of your sessions with us. With space for the whole band to collaborate, our studio facility is a focused, productive environment in which to write and record your music.

The in-house creative solutions on offer include production and engineering services, photography, videography and promotion. Our passionate team can engage with your project at any stage, from preproduction to release, and will offer their expertise in seeing it to completion.

Messiah Studios is located in Seven Hills, with ample parking available on-site and public transport within walking distance.

Our laid-back, newly furnished lounge area is complete with gaming consoles and access to light refreshments, making it the perfect spot to talk shop on your project, or just relax in between sessions.

Our team have overseen projects of all sizes, styles and complexities, and pride themselves on adaptability to each artist's unique creative processes and goals.


So whether it's a weekly rehearsal, or the production and promotion of a record, Messiah Studios is the ideal base camp for your musical project.


Stephen Zrnic


Producer, Engineer, Musician

Stephen Zrnic's long-held dream of opening an all-in-one music production house was the bud that blossomed into Messiah Studios, where he now serves as owner, engineer and production consultant.

With a Bachelor of Music from AIM, and a background as a guitarist and music director, Stephen possesses the industry sense needed to guide a project to completion and get the best from any collaborator. 

Stephen has had no shortage of opportunities; an Assistant Engineer position at REC Records, touring Australia and the world as a guitarist for such artists as The Veronicas and Bec Quinn, and a soundtrack producer role on the internationally acclaimed film, Three Wise Cousins.

Such diverse learning experiences have contributed to Stephen's broad range of knowledge and skills, and prepared him to

collaborate effectively with every artist that walks through Messiah's doors.

Anna Zrnic


Creative Director

Anna Zrnic has enjoyed a prolific career in the arts, having been summoned all over Australia, and around the world, for her services as a creative director, photographer, videographer and stylist.

Hers is the mind behind Messiah Studio's unique artistic philosophy; contributing the best work of our career, to worthwhile projects, for passionate artists.

Anna's creative vision has aided countless artists in expressing themselves and bringing unique character to their public image,

while her band and event management experience will serve greatly as she oversees the visual and promotional elements of our client's projects.

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