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BetterInColor is an independent creative platform, designed to unite and showcase the amazing talent of the Australian music community, created by Raphael Miguel Canillas and the Messiah Studios Team.


We ultimately believe in Australian musicians and their art, our goal is to revive and empower that music community through connection and the presentation of their music.

BetterInColor aims to bridge genre and cultural gaps within the music community,  allowing for the discovery of the exceptional talent of original artists and bands within Australia. Subsequently, we strive to elevate the artists and musicians featured through a collective association. 

Our intention is to present a non biased  and extensive range of Australian musicians, understanding that we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space through transparent dialogue and actions.

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This April we were joined by the lovely couple both on stage and in life, Jess and Matt Price. Jess and Matt perform an intermit stripped back BetterIncolor session, bringing you their sweet sweet harmonies and stunning Cole Clark guitars with both originals and a sneaky cover.


Bringing us two of their songs from their latest album ‘Wildflowers’, Jess and Matt effortlessly sing intricate harmonies, that almost seem to float around each other, as they take you on an emotional journey with their song ‘Aftermath’ and my personal favourite ‘Home Aint A Home’ and bringing it home with a bit of old school to finish with a beautiful arrangement of Halls & Oats ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’.


Having been in the game a while these two have given their fair share of interviews, however at BetterInColor we strive to give our audience a more reel and authentic representation of these talented artists. As we sit down with Jess and Matt you get to see the genuine care and relationship these two share both together and with their music, honestly it’s just really cool.


Make sure to check out Jess and Matt as they continue to tour their album ‘Wildflowers’ and connect with them on their socials for all new music.


Check out Jess & Matt's full BetterInColor performances below.







Meet the fabulous new pop sensation and BetterInColor’s featured artist for the month of March Jazzy K!

This determined young artist has come out into the industry with her best foot forward, releasing her debut single back in 2019, Jazzy K has since released seven more singles, showing us that through consistency she is here for the long haul.

Jazzy K joins the BetterInColor fam to bring us two of her singles from 2021, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and ‘Trap House’ along with a very special debut live performance of her up and coming single ‘Take Me Home’ . Jazzy K’s ability to blend modern pop with old school 90’s R&B gives you a slight hint of nostalgia with all the groove along rhythms of modern pop music.

Taking to the BetterInColor staircase with Jazzy K to bring her songs to life are session musicians Gian Timothy on drums, Stephen Zrnic on Guitar and Dominic Cabusi on keys.

All the talent combined with the amazing character of a seasoned artist we have no doubt that there is a very successful career ahead of Jazzy K and we can’t wait to see where she goes. Stay tuned on all of Jazzy K’s socials as she looks to release a new single every month for the year of 2022.


Check out Jazzy K’s full BetterInColor performances below.







Hailing from Western Sydney BetterInColor presents your next hip hop obsession BIGGS 685.

The emerging hiphop, rapper from the west BIGGS 685 is set out to change the game. Commanding the stage with his energy and keeping you hooked with his lyrics and rhymes, BIGGS 685 is the perfect mix of new and old school rap and hiphop with a dash of his own Samoan flair.

Having already teo albums under his belt, BIGGS 685 performs ‘Zodiac’ from his debut album of 2019 ‘BIGGS Tape’ and ‘Man Of The Year’ from his 2020 album ‘BIGGS Tape 2 “ Allan’, then closing his BetterInColor session with UGK cover ‘Let Me See It”.

Performing his tracks for the first time with a live four piece band, BIGGS 685 sets the groove for an extremely memorable ​performance. Playing alongside BIGGS is Gian Timothy on drums, Alex Bencio on Bass, Julian Sanchez on keys and Jono Lim on guitar.

​Carving his own path in the Australian music scene BIGGS 685’s distinct delivery and fusion style has set him apart from the crowd. BetterInColor Is so excited to have him as our February featured artist and can’t wait to see his career explode. Make sure you subscribe to the BetterInColor Youtube for full performances and follow BIGGS 685 and BetterInColor through the links below.


Check out BIGGS 685'S full BetterInColor performances below.







BetterInColor presents their January artists, the fabulously eccentric and fashionable No Frills Twins.

Two of the most thrilling and unique voices to come out of Australia in recent years their deep notes and sweet harmonies will think Elvis has been reincarnated. Described by the No Frills Twins themselves as ‘meaningful pop’. Their songs along with being incredibly catchy draws attention to important questions and topics through thoughtful song writing.

Presenting an alternative live stripped back arrangement to their usual produced tracks, The No Frills Twins, give an intoxicating performance of two of their 2020 singles ‘Paper Love’ and ‘Big Heart’ along with possibly the best cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’ featuring a kazzo of all instruments.

​Supporting  No Frill Twins on their BetterInColor Live Show are their house band Rachel Florence on Keys and Sam Bondi on Bass and joining them for this live performance is legend session musicians, Jesse Johnson on electric guitar and Alasdair Guiney on cello.

An authentic and intimate sisterly bond is demonstrated throughout their performances as they seamlessly play of each others energy. These two, between their slick lyrics, intricate harmonies and standout fashion are amazing artists. Make sure you follow them as they continue to go from strength to strength and keep an eye out for all of what we can only know is going to be fantastic new music.


Check out No Frills Twins full BetterInColor performances below.







BetterInColor presents Sydney based Kiwi singer songwriter and the definition of energy, professionalism and wicked talent is Taylor B-W!


Delivering soul driven 90's inspired pop melodies combined with emotive lyrics that challenge the social norms and the world around us, Taylor B-W effortlessly performs two of her latest singles 'Im so Broke' and 'Nunchucks' with her full band along with a special acoustic premier of her unreleased single 'Tears of Coal.'

Taylor B-W's joyful energy is genuinely infectious and is carried through in everything she does, from her songwriting into her performances. Offering big pop production blended with catchy hooks and a 90s flair be prepared to be singing these songs for the next week.

The band supporting Taylor B-W and repping some special merch is; on guitar and BV's is music legend Mark Williams , smashing it out on drums is Andrew Horvath and tickling those ivories is Andrew Geraghty.

A true star in the making, Taylor B-W has it all and we can't wait to see whats next in her career. Make sure to follow her on socials and check out her next live performances, Taylor is so down to earth and activity takes time to appreciate her fan base.


Check out Taylor B-W's full BetterInColor performances below.




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BetterInColor presents the electrifying jazz inspired instrumental piano driven powerhouse trio Brekkyboys. Whats for breakfast boyzzz?

The Brekkyboys evolving sound offers a unique and irresistible slice of 'jazznotjazz' fusion, presenting combined elements  of jazz, rock and folk lead by dominate piano, deep and grounding baselines and beautifully erratic drum beats. 

Leading this trio of music eccentrics is the man who gives us all hair envy, pianist and composer Taylor Davis, along with recent Brekkyboy additions Alex Hirlian on drums and Ryan Hurston on bass.

This unique three piece performed the BetterInColor staircase down with two of their latest singles, 'Hiraeth' and 'Husavik' from their 2021 EP 'Setsuko', and then finished their visit  off with the pure magical 'Pure Imaginations', which is a Brekkyboy and Beso Palma collaboration released 2021on Beso Palma's latest album 'Us'.


These three are truly amazing musicians, with their captivating and storytelling instrumental pieces and vibrant funky attire, make sure to check out the Brekkyboys in one of their up and coming live shows.


Check out BREKKY BOY'S full BetterInColor performances below.






BetterInColor presents Indonesian/Australian singer songwriter Krista Monica. Bringing her sweet voice and demeanour to the BetterInColor staircase for a delectably soulful and heartwarming performance. 


Krista Monica's modern jazz and soulful compositions can be heard throughout all of her writing, with beautiful classical melodies intertwined to feature modern catchy hooks.

Performing three of her latest works, is first up her latest  single, sung in her native tongue 'Bersandar', along with her 2020 single 'Mind' and a debut performance of her up and coming single 'Meant to Be', which you can hear here first and is due to be released later in 2021.

Accompanying Krista Monica is her current producer and keys player Julian Sanchez along with Alex Bencio on Bass, Stephen Zrnic on Guitar and Gian Timothy Gho on drums. 


Presenting a delicate combination of jazz and soul, Krista Monica finds the perfect sweet spot between nostalgic and contemporary, a beautiful representation of who Krista Monica's is as an artist.


Check out KRISTA MONICA'S full BetterInColor performances below.






Passion and ebullience fail to describe the energy and enthusiasm that Maari (Dom & Bronte) bring to their songwriting, production and especially to their BetterInColor live performances's this month.

Maari are Sydney based pop punk and rnb dynamic duo, that create incredible original music along with breathtaking film scores and soundtracks for movies such as 'The Legend of The Five'.

Joining Maari on the BetterInColor staircase for songs 'Heartbreaker' & That Summer' are the legends of their full sess