Messiah Studios is able to facilitate the live recording of drums and percussion in either of two purposebuilt

drum rooms, which are available for hire along with industry-standard equipment and production services.


Both rooms have been professionally soundproofed and acoustically treated.


The enormous 6m x 7m Deluxe Room will amplify the bold, resonant tones of any drum kit, while our 4m x 4m studio-attached


Drum Suite is designed to capture subtle, nuanced performances in a tighter sonic net.

Whatever music you're making, our production team have the knowledge and experience to aid in crafting

and recording the perfect drum sound for your project.

Several drum kits are available for hire during rehearsal and recording sessions, including:

 -Yamaha Recording Custom

- DW Collector's Series

- Pearl Masters

 -Ludwig Classic Maple Kit

 -8 x Assorted Boutique Snares

Please Call Us To Discuss Rates on: (02) 9838 7948

Small Drum Room
Large Drum Room
Small Drum Room
Large Drum Room
Small Drum Room
Large Drum Room

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