The beating heart of Messiah Studios, Studio 1 houses two live recording rooms, a fully equipped mixing room and a secure equipment storage room.

With the ability to capture live performances from multiple recording spaces simultaneously, Studio 1 is the ideal location for projects of any size, whether you're a solo artist or a large choir ensemble.

Our mixing room is spacious and comfortable, facilitating a collaborative, creative environment in which

there is room for all members of an ensemble to observe, share ideas and contribute to each stage of the

creative process.

Studio 1 is home to our passionate production staff, who are available individually or as a team, and bring

with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of music production; from song-writing and performance, to recording, mixing and mastering.

Our team have overseen projects of all sizes, styles and complexities, and pride themselves on adaptability to each artist's unique creative processes and goals.


So, be it a debut single or a long-awaited

record, the Messiah Studios production team is committed to helping you produce the best work

of your career.

We have assembled a versatile collection of premium digital recording tools, including:

 Pro Tools 12

 KRK Rokit 8 G3 Studio Monitors

 Universal Audio Apollo 8p Interfaces

 Universal Audio Plugins

 Slate Digital Plugins

 Waves Audio Plugins

 Isotope Audio Plugins

An array of musical instruments and amplifiers are also available for hire:

 Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters

 Fender Jazz Basses

 Gibson Les Pauls

 PRS Customs

 Orange Amplifiers

 Marshall Amplifiers

 Vox Amplifiers

As well as drum kits:

Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit

 DW Collector's Series Drum Kit

 Pearl Masters Drum Kit

 Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Kit

 8 x Assorted Boutique Snare Drums

Please Call Us To Discuss Rates on: 

(02) 9838 7948

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