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Messiah Studios is the ultimate brand for all things music across multimedia, commercial, film and TV. From concept through to production, we help each client distill their experiences into story soundbites that draw in the listener. We proudly produce music that resonates the layered uniqueness of  each project. Our partnerships with our clients are synergetic. We foster talent and provide creatives with insights into the broad array of business and life skills required to sustain a career as a musician, building up a community of like minded artists that support and inspire us in turn.



Messiah Studios four recording studios in Sydney Seven Hills cater to all your music production, recording, mixing and mastering needs. With four in house producers and engineers. Our deluxe room and hallway space is perfect for all types of recordings from soloists to bands, larger ensembles and choirs. All our studios have been meticulously sound treated, fitted out and maintained by our highly skilled team of technicians, and our administration team are available to help co-ordinate your project to achieve your desired results. Work with our Head Producer or choose from our producers/engineers best suited to your project.

  • Tracking ( vocal tracking, full band, instrumental )

  • Mixing 

  • Mastering

  • Music Production

  • Film Scoring

  • ADR Recording

  • Sound Design 

  • Music Composition TV, Radio, content, film etc

  • Song Writing (soundtracks, co-writng, jingles, instrumentals)

  • Session Musician (instrumental tracking) (Live Performances)

Projects Include:


@clarafable3343  -Unreleased track 'DNA'  | LIVE BETTERINCOLOR SHOW


Messiah Studios offers an array of music and creative videography and filming services, choose to film in one of our studio spaces or on location. With our sound treated rooms and stylist adaptable space, Messiah Studios is the ideal location to shoot your next music video, showreel or live performance.

  • Music Videos

  • Live Streaming

  • Live one shot take performances

  • Social Content

  • Showreels

  • Promo material

Projects Include:



Updating your EPK ? or shooting for your next single or album cover? Allow the Messiah Studios team to bring your concept to life in a studio set up, natural light or in a stylised shoot.

  • Live Performances

  • Single/Album 

  • EP & EPK Shoot

  • Headshots

  • Portfolio shots

Projects Include: